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Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief’s (CPAR’s) Donate a Day campaign was started in 2006 as a way to provide support for our critical health and development projects in rural Africa.

Donate a Day is meant to inspire Canadian physicians to donate all or a part of a day’s income in support of World Health Day – April 7th. The campaign has grown and now includes other UN days throughout the year.

The Donate a Day campaign provides Canadian physicians and other medical professionals with a means to support the efforts of African community members as they face the daily challenges of accessing clean water, primary health care, adequate food and a safe and healthy environment.

CPAR’s Donate a Day campaign is partly inspired by the efforts of Dr. N. Kevin Wade, a Vancouver-based ophthalmologist who donated an entire day of his medical service payment plans to CPAR in September 2002 and has continued to support our campaign.

The event is focused on the idea that physicians and health care professionals must extend their caring to global communities which struggle to access life’s most basic needs.


Mission - CPAR works in partnership with vulnerable communities and diverse organizations to overcome poverty and build healthy communities in Africa.

Who we are - Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief (CPAR) is a non-profit development organization that supports community efforts to ensure access to clean water, adequate food, primary health services and a safe and healthy environment.

CPAR works with community members in some of the most remote rural areas in Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania to implement long-term sustainable programs that are focused on real grassroots change. CPAR goes where the need is. We work with community members to provide access to life’s most basis needs despite challenges that might be posed by the environment or infrastructure.

CPAR is an innovative organization that prides itself on creating enormous change with very little resources. Donors who have visited CPAR programs are often amazed with the accomplishments and level of change that is accomplished at a grassroots level with so few organizational resources.

CPAR History - CPAR was founded in 1984 by Canadian physicians Mark Doidge and Henry Gold, in response to the extreme famine and poor health conditions faced by Ethiopian refugees in Sudan. CPAR's work started out as emergency relief in the form of food aid and medical intervention, but it has since evolved into an international development organization, committed to building healthy communities in Africa.

With the idea of a healthy planet in mind, the majority of CPAR's work is focused on integrated health and sustainable development programs in the south-east region of Africa. CPAR's projects are located in Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania. We develop primary health care, water and sanitation, income generation, peace building, emergency assistance, natural resource management and food security programs to help support vulnerable communities in Africa.