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Fitche Hospital serves 1.5 million people in Oromia Region, Ethiopia. In Oromia Region, road accidents, pneumonia and gastro-intestinal tract infections are extremely common. Yet the hospital’s overcrowded emergency room has only six beds crammed inside. The cramped space makes privacy an impossible luxury and the crumbling walls, broken sinks, and uneven, cavity riddled floors make patient safety and infection an ever-present concern.

Imagine being an ER doctor in Fitche Hospital. Imagine having a patient rushed in, being held in a nurses arms because there were no more stretchers. What would it be like being forced to triage her on a dirty floor or even having to turn her away?

In Canada, we never have to think about what it’s like to have doctors turn away a patient with obvious head trauma. We know sending her in a cab -alone - to a hospital three hours away because their hospital simply can do nothing for her, isn’t an option. But in Ethiopia, at Fitche Hospital, this is a far too common scene.

This World Health Day, CPAR is asking you to donate just one day of your pay to change this reality.

You can help us:

  • Repair and expand the current ER to improve emergency department efficiency.
  • Install new handwashing and sterilization areas.
  • Supply new treatment and recovery beds.
  • Procure required medical equipment, medicines, and other necessary supplies.

Do you want to involve your entire practice and community?

You can do this by donating a day of  your pay or by holding a fundraising event at your office or hold a fundraiser with friends. If you need posters or t-shirts for your fundraising event, please contact me at (416) 369-0865 ex 31 or toll free at 1-800-263-2727 ex 31 or by email at!


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