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Meet Azagne Bizengaw.

Azagne lives in a small village on the Sudanese border of northern Ethiopia. She is a subsistence farmer whose livelihood and food security have been severely compromised by extreme weather events.

Today, Azagne and her children live on less than a dollar a day.

“Feeding myself and my children is my number one priority,” says Azagne. Her village and community are suffering from droughts that have scorched harvests and transformed once-fertile farmland into dessert. The resulting soil degradation and hard, dry ground cannot absorb water when the rain finally comes.

CPAR is working with farmers, like Azagne, to help mitigate the effects of climate change. We focus our efforts on helping farmers explore and identify a more diverse range of crops that can thrive in different climates and provide farmers with new drought resistant seeds for traditional staple crops.

With less than a dollar a day Azagne could not provide for the nutritional needs of herself and her children alone.

Just imagine how one day of your pay could help Azagne, and farmers like her, increase their food security:

  • Provide plants and tools to set up vegetable gardens in homes and schools.
  • Provide drought-resistant seeds to increase crop yield.
  • Provide trainings on improved agronomic techniques, which include considerations of climate, soil, water availability, crop variety, and non- biological considerations, such as economic requirements.

CPAR is asking donors like you to Donate a Day of your pay and help provide food security in the face of devastating climate change.

So we ask…   Can you donate one day of your pay?


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 Your gift can be a lifeline to a family in rural Africa.